Virginia Military Institute Third Barracks


Special Features

The first phase includes the building and site demolition associated with the existing Lejeune Hall structure and the modifications to select spaces in New Barracks to allow for the construction of 3rd Barracks.

The demolition of Lejeune Hall includes asbestos and lead paint abatement. Additional items associated with the first phase include nose-in parking, utility re-locations and modifications to pedestrian access points to the North Post facilities.

The second phase will include the construction of 3rd Barracks and the connection to New Barracks, including all site work improvements and utility connections indicated. The building is 121,712 GSF and includes cadet rooms, food-service and dining areas, bookstore, visitor center, storage rooms, utility rooms, elevators, toilet and shower rooms, and open balconies that look out onto an open courtyard. The building is 7 stories high from the lowest level to the highest level.